Al Terego & The Hi-Q's präsentieren das Album 'Flotsam'


Al Terego & The Hi-Q's präsentieren das Album 'Flotsam'
Al Terego & The Hi-Q's
Tuesday, 6. November 2018

FLOTSAM“ist das zweite Album von Al Terego & the Hi Q's.

über das Lied 'Where Black Water Meets The Sand'
Life and Death, Time and the End of Time are recurring themes in our songs, maybe also since our long lives have meanwhile carried us over many experiences where it became apparent how vulnerable life and valuable times in our lives are. This song is maybe the closest that we have yet come to the theme of grieve and mooring. We are carrying with the protagonist the loved one to the river, where black water meets the sand. You have to let go and hand over your loved one to the boats which are waiting there to bring the body and soul to the other side. The theme is of course relying much on the antique metaphors of Hades and Cerberus waiting at the other side of the river Styx. It carries the torture of being left with no ways to bring back the loved one; very Eurydice, very Orpheus. And being left with the question: Why you? Why now? Why not me? And left with the only comfort to be reunited in death when the time will come.