“Natural Woman” A tribute to Carole King door Sabien Tiels


“Natural Woman” A tribute to Carole King door Sabien Tiels
Sabien Tiels

Will you still love me tomorrow, Take good care of my baby, Crying in the rain, Chains, Up on the roof, One fine day, The Loco-motion, Natural woman, You've got a friend, I feel the earth move, It’s too late, So far away, Jazzman, It might as well rain until September, ...

Allemaal songs van de grote dame CAROLE KING! Vanaf september tour ik met haar repertoire door Vlaanderen ☺️

“Natural Woman”
A tribute to Carole King 

13 september 2019, 20.00u 
TRY-OUT, The Headroom, Turnhout
Tickets: www.headroom.vlaanderen

20 september 2019, 20.15u
PREMIÈRE, CC De Muze, Heusden-Zolder
Tickets: www.muze.be

15 november 2019, 20.15u
CC Achterolmen, Maaseik
Tickets: www.achterolmen.be

01 februari 2020, 20.15u
CC Den Blank, Overijse
Tickets: www.denblank.be

12 maart 2020, 20.30u
CC De Velinx, Tongeren
Tickets: www.develinx.be

07 mei 2020, 14u
CC Jan Tervaert, Hamme
Tickets: www.jantervaert.be

Sabien Tiels: Piano & vocals
Marco Cirone: Guitar & vocals
Roman Korolik: Bass