Sepultura & Tambours Du Bronx – Metal Veins – DVD – Eagle Vision/Edel - DVD review by Markus Hagner


Sepultura & Tambours Du Bronx – Metal Veins – DVD – Eagle Vision/Edel - DVD review by Markus Hagner
Your Reporter on the Spot: 
Markus Hagner

Sepultura & Tambours Du Bronx – Metal Veins – DVD – Eagle Vision/Edel


A home-play for Sepultura by the Rock In Rio Festival 2013.

The Brasilian Trash-Groove-Metalleros have always loved to integrate the percussion sounds of the Amazonas in their music; for this special show they had invited the Tambours du Bronx from France to hex the fans magically by the theme ”Metal Veins“.



Ten-thousands of metal-heads were gathering wishfully this night in front of the stage waiting for the show-start. The terrain with a ferris wheel in the background was illuminated colourful und as special visual gimmick the freaks were equipped with lighting wrist-bands. An inferno of Sepultura shouts was calling their faves to the stage. The Tambours du Bronx were opening the gig by  “Kaiowas“. On the gigantic stage with exquisite light-technique there was shown on the big led-backdrop theTDB-logo. The coup-rhythms on the painted oil-drums; which the TDB gets from the national railway company of France – SNCF, intensified by the electro-sounds was electrifying the masses from the very first tunes. WhenSepultura were joining and starting by the second title “Spectrum“ th metal-heads were goin’ completely crazy and withing the immense masses-moshpit the punk was to come-loose. GuitaristAndreas Kisser  was bruning off during the complete show a extravaganza guitar-shred-fireworks with extreme play-joy. The giant lead-singer Derrick Leon Green was to hoodoo the freaks besides his vocal-power by his sparkling eyes. By the sixth track “Fever” the bands were infecting the devotees in corporate union b the metal-fever. The chanteur of the TDB was setting the maniacs solo and by duet with Derek into trance-ecstasy. Cute was his charming French accent when he was singing in English. By “We’ve Lost You“ a dreadful-beautiful horror-atmosphere was rising by the beats of the beechwood-sticks. Axe-maestro Kisser was to prove his extraterrestrial shred virtuosity by his solos by “Firestarter“. The Tambours were to pitch Luciferus graciously by their demoniacal percussions. The only Sepultura original member Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. on bass and drummer Eloy Casagrande were proofing their extra-class skills as rhythm-fraction by “Territory“!  Very cool are always the pictures of the hot-blooded metalleros. The show-time was passing by as quickly as a ride in speedy roller-coaster-ride and by “Roots Bloody Roots“ the grand-finale was already celebrated. Both bands and freaks were to burn out themselves physically till complete exhaustion. By hellish loud final rejoice the musicians were acclaimed majestically by their final stand-out. As souvenirs and thank-you the artists were throwing guitar-picks and sticks towards the front rows. A monstrous helldorado spectacle was over.


Sepultura & Tambours du Bronx – All Hell’s Breakin‘ Loose!

As bonus the DVD & blu-ray features a documentary with interviews with band-members of both bands, fans, rehearsals to the live-show , concert-sequels and showing Sepultura as they were entering stage. A Must To See!