Joseph + The Brise + MASSIS @ Rock Classic, Brussels – 27 September 2014. Entrée gratuite.


Joseph + The Brise + MASSIS @ Rock Classic, Brussels – 27 September 2014. Entrée gratuite.
Joseph The Brise MASSIS
Rock Classic
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Ioana Nica

Les Soirées Cerises is organizing concerts around for quite some time now. Main features: talented newcomers, new groups, folk, rock and indie styles and an already famous “Entrée gratuite” undertaking. With an openly declared commitment to good music, Frédérick Bulté makes sure that things happen without a hitch. A great number of gigs are expecting their public almost everyday in various locations in Brussels. Many of them are hosted by Rock Classic, a stronghold for the rock music scene since ages already, building up the reputation of THE place to try out new bands, present new talents or promote albums.

On 27 September, l’affiche of Les Soirées Cerises announced an entertaining Saturday evening with three Belgian groups: The Brise, Joseph and MASSIS.


The Brise

The Brise made a very nice impression and would have definitely won a popularity price. First thing to notice is a wonderful warm voice, going well with the chosen style of alternative rock with grunge influences. The four young men rocked out the beginning of the evening, slow or faster depending on the repertoire, from Billy Idol to Elvis (Blue Suede Shoes it’s a good choice to fit the band’s vocals) but not afraid to go for more daring covers like Rape Me, Nirvana. Lots of energy and movement on stage.



Joseph does not have the classical four-member band formula: just a guitarist and a drummer, going together into a more indie rock register reminding also of ‘90s bands, but with a greater amount of guitar solos and gloomy lyrics about unrequited love. If you are curious about them, they play their next show on 18 October at LR6 Brasserie Concerts.  




MASSIS must have been known already, as they had a great year so far with gigs in Brussels, Gent, Leuven, opening for Soulfly in Het Depot and playing the Gentse Feesten in summer. Their ascension is not casual, as the four members have already an impressive previous activity in bands like Heibel, Triptych, Cabrón, Dead Souls, Balderdash, as well as many years of stage experience.



Their music is at the same time fast, loud and hard, without bringing any shortcomings to proficiency. On stage they can equally have fun together and effortlessly show you what a serious band they are. An instrumental noise rock of a rarely seen chemistry: Andy Heurckmans and Bernard Van Hecke – guitars, Erwin Reynders – bass and Jo Reynders – drums. And an extended show for MASSIS in Rock Classis on 27 September, the band was acclaimed for a most wanted encore which, judging by the enthusiasm and the musically induced energy of the audience, would have been unquestionably extended if the Belgian rules for loud music during nighttime hadn’t hanged above us like a sword of Damocles. A band worthy of recognition and our finest attention with an album to be out soon. Their next show is announced for in 9 October Café Libertad, Leuven.



   • N°3            [>>>listen]

   • Powerplant  [>>>listen]
   • Joan
   • Marrakech
   • Clockwork
   • Push            [>>>watch]
   • Thee Hangmen
   • Mondésir
   • Snakes        [>>>watch]

   • M9







Just one: Les Soirées Cerises are high-quality events and Rock Classic is a wonderful venue live. Good teamwork.




The Brise





Watch MASSIS performance opening for Soulfly

Watch MASSIS performance in ROCK CLASSIC


Les Soirées Cerises

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