Devon Allman – ragged & dirty – Ruf records – Ruf 1205 - Cd-Review - By Markus Hagner


Devon Allman – ragged & dirty – Ruf records – Ruf 1205 - Cd-Review - By Markus Hagner
Devon Allman
Your Reporter on the Spot: 
Markus Hagner

Devon Allman has developed during his career into a soulful composer, guitarrero, singer and songwriter by his own exciting, great style besides being a member of Royal Southern Brotherhood. By his second solo-master-opus “ragged & dirty” on Ruf records he is continuing his creativity!



„ragged & dirty“ starts by “Half The Truth” as first title; a foot-stomping rock-blues featuring besides the electrifying vocals on top enchanting hot string solos by Devon. He plays like his guitar bein’ on fire. Mister Allman off course is proud to be part of the Allman tribe, so “Can’t Lose Em All” is by the first part finest jam-rock the family style. By the concluding part he is by his guitar-solos playin’ in devotional love to the Mexican Music Spirit. “Leavin’” is definitely a song of the “Good Ole-South”, a song dedicated to his beloved mom. His chant is ever so warm-hearted. “I’ll Be Around “ is a finest funk-blues for lovers to enjoy a hot dance. “Midnight Lake Michigan” is definitely originating from one of DA’s nights in the “Living Town of The Blues” – Chicago as he has recorded “Ragged & Dirty” there with superbe producer Tom Hambridgewho contributed also some finest drum-beats. A laggard jam-blues with guitar-masterwork-solos by maestro Allman the flamy star-vein. By “Blackjack Heart Attack” Devon and studio-mates were in the mood to play as torrid groove-jam-masters.  “Back To You” is a fine blues with melancholic melodies the “Windy City” tradition. It could have been definitely originating from Maxwell Street and a lonely night in a club there. “Times Have Changed” is a explosive southern-rocker the kick-ass style with a fine boogie-piano spice-up played by Marty Sammon. The title track ”Ragged & Dirty is like a modern rock-blues hymn of the U.S.A. combining the styles of The North & South, very energetic canto by Devon, fine rotatory hammond-organ and axe solos. “Leave The City” is the Finale Grande and Highlight of “ragged & dirty”, you can call it a Good-Bye to Chicago, a joyful Missouri river-song with finest fingerpickin’ resonator six-string therapy in anticipation of his homecomin’ to St. Louis, his hometown.



Devon Allman – A Flaming Star Guitarist, Singer & Composer – A Finest blend Of Modern- & Old- Blues-Rock****