Best albums of 2014: Iordache(RO) – Garden Beast


Best albums of 2014: Iordache(RO) – Garden Beast
Mihai Iordache, Iordache
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Ioana Nica

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Garden Beast is concept album inspired by the nearest natural habitat that urban life may have access to: the backyard. There is a subtle link here, executed with the most candid and valid sense of humor: Mihai Iordache is also a nature lover, taking the civic duty to improve and protect the natural environment very seriously. Therefore, the album summons consideration to most simple natural wonders which surround and brings us joy.

The songs are quite descriptive with melodic solos, keyboard layers and tempered endings. The album title track Garden Beast stands for an excellent choice as opening track, the first expressive sounds of bass are promising an irresistible audition. Captain Rabbit continues at the same note of funky dance grooves. Summer Rain goes deeper into free style with excellent saxophone and guitar solos. My Dog Zorro brings a pleasing bossa-nova feeling while the Pond Reflection is exquisitely evoking an entire brass band.

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More information and audition:

Mihai Iordache – alto saxophone, vocals (on Magnolia), arrangements
Sebastian Burneci – trumpet
Florian Radu – trombone
Toni Kühn – keyboards, electric guitar on Captain Rabbit
Dan Alex Mitrofan – electric guitar
Uţu Pascu – electric bass
Tavi Scurtu – drums, tambourine
– Special Guest: Sanem Kalfa – lead vocals on Magnolia

Recorded at: La Bază Studio in Iaşi, 2014
Artwork: Medicine Madison