Adia Victoria - the Dope Queen Tour ( also in Belgium)


Adia Victoria - the Dope Queen Tour ( also in Belgium)

it’s a been a minute. no. it’s been hours, days, weeks, compounded (and confounding) to the point that i could not speak. i've made circles in silence inside my own mind. in this time i had to grow as a woman, whole and old enough to release a guttural scream of fevered dreams of a sinner redeemed who still can’t admit the existence of god.

last time we spoke, i was stuck in the south. well, i got out. and a new chapter begins. i'm ready to let y’all in on the mind of a rambling blues woman. “silences” was written in blood and bone, in the onliest, loneliest of alone. produced by Aaron Dessner and featuring the baddest band straight out of nashville, tennessee.

i'm reclaiming the blues. y’all ready?


New album "Silences" out February 22. Pre-order now:
Or listen to the first single "Dope Queen Blues":

And announcing the Dope Queen Tour in the U.S. and Europe kicking off February 19!