What is Lush Puppy you ask?


What is Lush Puppy you ask?
Lush Puppy
Wednesday, 20. November 2019

What is Lush Puppy you ask? It's a mix between electronica, kickass beats, punk guitar riffs and a vocalist who raps like a little demon and sings like an angel. Highly contradictory but ain't that when the real flavors come out?
Forget the served on a platter, the manners. Just take it in.

Electronic poppy madness music duo Lush Puppy are vocalist, artist and stylist Roos Ooteman and Gabriel Vezzola a.k.a. DJ Gabriel.
Roos (pronounced: Rose) studied at the Rock Academy Tilburg in The Netherlands and takes inspiration from Bat for Lashes to the Spice Girls.
Italian-born Gabriel is well known in the EDM music scene from DJ duo Gabriel & Castellon, who collaborated with Sam Feldt, Robin S and Todd Terry a.o.

The single 'BITCH' is taken from the EP Clickspawn

1. Wear Me Out
2. Ms. Grey
3. Sabotage Me
4. Bitch