Twelfth Day are sharing the video for their new single, Keep Me.


Twelfth Day are sharing the video for their new single, Keep Me.
Twelfth Day
Monday, 9. September 2019

We wrote Keep Me after our chats of relief and optimism having noticed the rise of climate change awareness in the mainstream media. We wanted to write something upbeat and motivating about our climate emergency. It’s from the perspective of Mother Nature who is giving us, the human race, a good talking to, saying “finally you’ve realised urgent action needs to be taken”.

Seeing what’s unfolding across the Amazon at the moment is utterly heartbreaking. Such shocking behaviour from a government is scarcely believable in the midst of the burning of the most biodiverse ecosystem on our planet, which is home to precious indigenous communities and provides oxygen for us all. That the world’s lungs could be used as a political pawn seems absolutely mind-numbingly baffling. The release of this song coinciding with the world’s media bringing us this horrifying news makes us all the more determined to help in our small way to spread the word!

Keep Me is our contribution to getting the message to as many people affected directly by climate change as possible that we support them, we love them, we are sorry for what we have done, we will fight with them, we want to end this spiral of destruction. We will not stand for far right governments irresponsibly ruining lives and the future of this planet. We all need to save this world together, before it's too late. There is still time just...

Keep Me features our beautiful band of John Lowrie and Andrew Robb. It was recorded by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios with additional bits of recording by Al Lawson in London, and was mixed and mastered by Oz Fritz in California.

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