Ten Fé are back with a new single Won't Happen,


Ten Fé are back with a new single Won't Happen,
Ten Fé
Tuesday, 4. December 2018
Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan are now joined permanently by Rob Shipley, Johnny Drain and Alex Hammond.
With a bunch of new songs under their belt, they're heading off to Norway in a couple of weeks to record their second full length album. (
Future Perfect, Present Tense )
1. Won't Happen
2. Isn't Ever A Day
3. No Night Lasts Forever
4. Coasting
5. Echo Park
6. Caught On The Inside
7. To Lie Here Is Enough
8. Here Again
9. Not Tonight
10. Can't Take You With Me
11. Superrich
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Listen to Won’t Happen ( hereunder)
For the Froggies:
A noter que la formation sera par ailleurs de passage au Point Ephémère à Paris le 4 mai 2019 pour une date en tête d'affiche.