Tallie Gabriel shares a video for her song 'Story'


Tallie Gabriel shares a video for her song 'Story'
Tallie Gabriel
Tuesday, 20. April 2021

Rising Brooklyn based folk singer-songwriter Tallie Gabriel has released her debut music video, 'Story.' The music video takes audiences through an animated storybook experience, featuring dreamy choreography and visuals that look like something out of a painting. 


Tallie Gabriel's work is born out of moments of tender vulnerability. Her music is steeped in warmth and affectionate intimacy—exactly how she likes her heart best. Her poetic lyrics and thoughtful storytelling combined with her lilting voice have drawn comparisons to the likes of Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, and Sufjan Stevens. She draws inspiration from a variety of indie singer-songwriter and folk predecessors, as well as incorporating the influence of trad Irish, Bal-musette, and classical motifs. 



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