Taco Mouth - 'A Deafening Silence' - Out on October 26


Taco Mouth - 'A Deafening Silence' - Out on October 26
Taco Mouth
Thursday, 13. September 2018
Taco Mouth is the brainchild of Erica Sellers.
After playing in several bands, Sellers decided to start one of her own, with a friend she  started a band called CatFight.
Later the two of them relocated in Nashville and formed The Dead Deads, Erica and her friend Angie left the band in October 2017 to start Taco Mouth with lead guitarist Shawn Hammer (engineer of Chevelle, Conor Oberst, Cursive) and badass bassist Flip Cooper (Damon Johnson, Brother Cane).This year, Taco Mouth released an EP entitled W.G.A.F., which has been nominated for NIMA's Best Rock Album by their peers, and has had a busy summer recording their first, full-length album with Michael Wagener, A Deafening Silence,  which is set for release on October 26, 2018.