Steve Lukather
Friday, 16. June 2023

“Bridges” komt uit op 16 juni, via The Players Club / Mascot Label Group
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Steve Lukather deelt vandaag de tweede track van zijn aankomende nieuwe studio album “Bridges”. Het album komt uit op 16 juni via The Players Club/ Mascot Label Group. “Someone” is geschreven door Luke, Joseph Williams en David Paich. Bekijk de officiële video hier:  Eerste track “When I See You Again” kwam vorige maand uit, bekijk deze video hier:
Luke deelt, “I am so happy and grateful for the reaction to the new music. Here is another song that is a co-write with Joe, Paich and I. Hope you like it.” 

Zijn negende studio album “Bridges” kan geen passendere titel dragen. Luke deelt, “I see it as a bridge between my solo music and ToTo Music. The fact that Joseph Williams, David Paich and I wrote most of the record, and the fact I invited many of the old ToTo gang to come and play, co-writers like Randy Goodrum and Stan Lynch brings all this together. It also proves that most of my old pals and I are still great friends, and I wanted to do a record ‘in the style of,' as ToTo will never record another studio album. This is as close as we will get.”  Hij vervolgt, “We still love writing and creating and recording together, and we will no doubt continue to work with each other on our respective solo works. It's complicated, and at the age I am now, I do NOT wish to do anything complicated.”
Leden uit het verleden en heden van ToTo dragen bij aan zowel de schrijf- als uitvoeringskant. Joseph Williams heeft meegeschreven aan zes van de tracks, en David Paich aan vier. Williams is te horen op alle tracks van het album en draagt bij met achtergrondzang, synths en percussie of toetsen. Paich speelt keyboard op vijf van de songs. Drummer Simon Phillips is te horen op “Far From Over,” “Not My Kind Of People,”  “When I See You Again,” en “Burning Bridges”, terwijl Shannon Forest terugkeerde voor  “Someone,” “All Forevers Must End,” “Take My Love” en “I’ll Never Know.” Zowel oude vriend en voormalig lid Lee Sklar en Gov’t Mule bassist Jorgen Carlsson spelen bas op een aantal van de tracks. Op “Far From Over” speelt Trev Lukather gitaar, bas en synths. De huidige ToTo-toetsenist Steve Maggiora schreef mee aan "Take My Love" en speelt toetsen op de track. Luke deelt, “Some people think cause someone has left the band or moved on to their own thing that we stopped being friends or stopped wanting to work together. I think this proves that is not the case, and I wanted to make music with my old friends, alongside having a laugh or two. It was a lot of fun and it also has a sound that is familiar.”
Lukather, David Paich en Joseph Williams zijn tot op de dag van vandaag nauw met elkaar verbonden. Hoewel Paich niet meer op tour gaat met de band, is hij nog steeds de muzikale leider. Williams en Lukather vormen the Dogs of Oz, en blijven samen de band vertegenwoordigen. Luke deelt, “I have been working with both these guys since I was a kid. I revere their talent, and wanted to take pressure off myself.  Joe produced the record so I could just be an artist. Paich is the guy that not only taught me how to make records, but he was the one that encouraged my songwriting in ToTo, and really pushed me in every musical sense.  And, I love these guys and it is so easy. We all like the same stuff and have worked together for most of our lives. It was like going back to summer camp with my best pals!”  Hij vervolgt, “Joe is a remarkable Producer and songwriter as is Dave so…I was able to relax and enjoy the process. Hence it may have a 'familiar' sound or style when this is all mixed together. Not intentionally…it's just what happens when we create together.” 

Track listing:

1. Far From Over
2. Not My Kind Of People
3. Someone
4. All Forevers Must End
5. When I See You Again
6. Take My Love
7. Burning Bridges
8. I’ll Never Know

Over the course of five decades Steve Lukather has placed an indelible stamp on pop culture. Alongside his tenure as the only member of ToTo to never take a hiatus from the band, he has performed on thousands of albums as a session musician. Amongst these musical contributions are some of the most successful, influential and enduring records of all-time including Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Additionally, he released a memoir titled The Gospel According To Luke which was a global best-seller. He continues to be ToTo’s band leader, a member of Ringo’s All-Starr Band, and a solo artist.
ToTo has enjoyed a celebrated global resurgence over the last decade. Through 2022-2023, the band will perform in front of close to a million fans. Their repertoire has 3 BILLION+ streams at Spotify alone, with “Africa” counting for one billion plays on its own.  Album sales exceed 40 MILLION copies. ToTo is one of the few 70’s bands that have endured the changing trends and styles, and 45 years in to a career enjoy a multi-generational fan base and still selling out shows around the world.  ToTo was inducted in to the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in 2009.  For more information on Steve Lukather visit
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