Plizzken is hard-hitting Punkrock!


Plizzken is hard-hitting Punkrock!
Saturday, 4. May 2024

Fresh off the heels of Plizzken putting up their new album "Do You Really Wanna Know?" for sale

"Do You Really Wanna Know?" continues the journey that Sebi, Silvio, Tommi, and company started during the pandemic with the release of their debut record. This new album demonstrates a more cohesive record with emotional storytelling and messages that the band hold close to their chest.

"The album as a whole tells a story for me and different themes of my view of living together in this society. As very positive people who carefully observe what is currently happening around them in terms of socio-political issues, it is despairing how deeply hate, greed, envy, and similar luxuries determine the way many people look. There is not much that is happening at the moment that lifts the mood, but music and our lifestyle bring us a bit of color in dark times," Sebi remarks.