Nienke Jansz complains about sleepless nights


Nienke Jansz complains about sleepless nights
Nienke Jansz
Friday, 10. July 2020
Belgium, I got a message for you...

My name is Nienke Jansz. (Nina) An independent singer/songwriter and model originally from The Netherlands where I studied music.


When I graduated in 2016 I moved to London to pursue my dream of becoming a model and musician. 

I paved my way into the music industry in 2019 when I began working on my first several singles. 


My music is inspired by pop, r&b and house. I enjoy to make music that gives people good vibes and want to write in a way people can relate to. 


I debuted my first single "Jump into fear" in November 2019. Now 4 singles later with quite some success I would love to send you a link to my Spotify to reach more fans and get my music heard more. Especially as it's summer and my music has a summery vibe. 



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