Nicola Hein & Nicolas Souchal "Fier Tel Tonne"


Nicola Hein & Nicolas Souchal "Fier Tel Tonne"
Nicola Hein & Nicolas Souchal
Tuesday, 23. May 2023

NEWS - Nicola Hein & Nicolas Souchal  "Fier Tel Tonne"

« Fier tel tonne » is the document of an event that is integral and foundational to the practice of improvised music: the first meeting, the beginning of a musical dialogue.
Nicolas Souchal and Nicola L. Hein start this dialogue with trumpet, guitar
and buchla synthesizer, exploring the resulting mental and musical space
in its different nuances.
Together they venture the dialogical potential
that is present in the moment.
Nicola Hein : guitar, buchla synthétiser
Nicolas Souchal : trumpet
Recorded 11th August 2021 by Tito at studio Zentri-fuge, Berlin
Rémi Le Taillandier : mix & master
Michele Gurrieri : photos
This Album is a coproduction with Free Sonne-Musique en Friche