New Single: Oxidize "To My Daughter" (Melodic Metal)


New Single: Oxidize "To My Daughter" (Melodic Metal)
Sunday, 18. February 2024

NEWS - New Single: Oxidize  "To My Daughter"   (Melodic Metal)

FFO: Sorcerer, Royal Hunt, Halford

Location: Sweden

"To My Daughter," is the latest addition to Oxidize's extraordinary repertoire. This song is much more than just a piece of music. It's a true work of art that will resonate with listeners long after the last note fades. "To My Daughter" takes us on a journey through the timeless bond between a parent and child, exploring the depths of love and loss. This soul-stirring song is a tribute to those we've lost, reminding us of the strength we find in holding onto memories of those we cherish. Don't miss out on experiencing this emotional masterpiece from one of the most talented bands out there.