MORGXN - a new single - My Revival


MORGXN - a new single - My Revival
Saturday, 23. September 2023
  • "My Revival" is the jewel in the crown of the new album, Beacon. Almost every piece of modern media can be traced back to Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” and the monomyth, tracing the path of the hero and the stages of their story, through their call to action, revival and ultimately return, changed for the better. With Beacon, MORGXN sets himself as the hero of his own story and 'My Revival" is the revelation step of the path.
  • On the song, MORGXN said, "'My Revival' is a track with Gary Go (who also helped write MORGXN's track 'Wonder) and Ryan Daly. Gary said something to me after "Wonder" took off and everything was happening independently. He said - 'I’ve never seen someone take a song to the finish line like you.' It was a validation of all the ups and downs but that I put my heart into what I say and do. 'My Revival' came out of that feeling of taking this big step and signing to a new label and letting these words ring out. It was also written before coming home but it felt like a turning point. I knew I needed to come here to make the kind of record I’ve been dreaming of making".