Mobina Galore have released a live album


Mobina Galore have released a live album
Mobina Galore
Wednesday, 23. November 2022
Since forming in 2011, Mobina Galore, the Winnipeg punk duo of Jenna Priestner (guitar/vocals) and drummer Marcia Hanson (drums/vocals) have cut their teeth on an approach to music that operates without fluff. Together they craft unapologetically heavy, wildly dynamic songs that explore life's peaks and valleys with discerning emotional clarity. As part of the most recent generation of artists invested in retrofitting the genre with new narratives, Mobina Galore have weaponized their outsider attitude into explosive punk that demands attention on the band's own terms. By building a catalogue of expertly-executed songs, they're challenging the industry's entrenched shortcomings by flipping the stereotype of "overly emotional women" on its head, and instead, turning it into their battle axe.

 Hereunder their latest CD

Live from the Park Theatre Tracklist:
1. Start All Over – Live
2. Suffer – Live
3. Back to the Beginning – Live
4. Vancouver – Live
5. Just Went Away – Live
6. Whiskey Water – Live
7. Fade Away – Live
8. Dig Myself Out – Live
9. I Need to go Home – Live
10. Better Days – Live
11. Fourth of July – Live
12. Spend My Day – Live