Mikado Koko "Pianoinacage"


Mikado Koko "Pianoinacage"
Wednesday, 21. February 2024

NEWS - Mikado Koko "Pianoinacage"

Japanese outsider avant-gardist, poet and producer, Mikado Koko will release ‘PIANOINACAGE’ on February 16th via Caliban Sounds.

‘PIANOINACAGE’ is a solo piano work from a progressive artist returning to the traditional. Koko tells us that “I like anarcho-punk and avant-garde music, but now I feel that beautiful piano music is more radical than that. I am deeply influenced by Erik Satie's rebelliousness. His compositions are more than just beautiful”.

Koko began her solo career as a club producer using elements of Japanese traditional music. After many releases, remixes and compilations, she now focuses on avant-garde poetry reading and post-genre composition. Her relationship with Penny Rimbaud was forged through her submitting a track, ‘Asylum’, for the Crass Records remix project, ‘Normal Never Was’. The track was selected for inclusion alongside dance floor giant, Steve Aoki, as the first release in the series. Koko and Rimbaud then collaborated on a track for her album, ‘Alice in Cryptoland’, including the single, ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’, which also features Eve Libertine. Despite being almost 50 years and 6000 miles apart, Koko and Rimbaud’s collaboration continued to bear fruit, with the pair appearing as a single force on ‘Songs To Our Other Selves’, which then received a heavy weight double vinyl release alongside Rimbaud’s ‘Acts of Love’.