Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas presents his new album 16/10 @ABClub


Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas presents his new album 16/10 @ABClub
Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas
Thursday, 12. October 2017

Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas


Release 13/10 Crammed Discs / Pias

Concert: 16/10/2017 -  BRUSSELS - AB CLUB

"Aldus muteert de kosmopolitische producer van eenmansband tot frontman, van beatknutselaar tot handelaar in industriële rock en broeierige new wave. Nervous, bijvoorbeeld, oftewel Joy Division na een workshop samba." (Focus 4****)


Renowned electronic music producer & DJ Matias Aguayo presents his new project, which will unfold on several levels. 

The Desdemonas are a 4-piece rock band, fronted by Aguayo (who sings and plays a variety of instruments). And it's of course an album, in which Matias digs deep into some dark forms of rock music which inspired him as a teenager, and brilliantly revisits them in a moody, compelling, post-electronic 2017 style.


Debut album ‘Sofarnopolis’ tells the tale of a group of teenagers who live in a dystopian world, by means of lyrics, cartoons and visuals based on drawings made by Matias. Eg. ‘Nervous’, is about a nocturnal meeting with a girl that glows purple in the dark. Check out single ‘Cold Fever’ that introduces the "Noir" - vibe of the whole thing and its story. "Cold Fever" is a modern "All about Eve" tale (The Desdemonas are huge Bette Davis fans), taking place in the nighttime world of the city of "Sofarnopolis", that bears resemblance to the ones of today's capitals of dance, but is obviously much more glamorous.


An animation video by Celine Keller made with drawings by Matias Aguayol further unravels mysteries about "Cold Fever".




About: Matias Aguayo in a nutshell: born in Chile and raised in Germany, he's created a varied body of genre-defying work since the early 00s, including several albums with legendary Cologne-based electronic music label Kompakt. A much in-demand DJ, he's constantly been performing all around the world, appearing in the most prestigious festivals.

He's started his own imprint, Cómeme, on which he's released works by friends and associates (including a.o. Lena Willikens). Matias Aguayo has always been an original, iconoclastic artist: starting out "the man who helped popularize and expand minimal [techno]" (Pitchfork), he's gradually been using his voice as a key element, in his DJ sets and, notably, in his album Ay Ay Ay, which he almost entirely created with vocal sounds ("a record of maximal, fermented oddity" which "almost feels like world music"  - Pitchfork again). With The Desdemonas, Matias Aguayo has made the big leap and turned into a singer and band leader

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