LILIKKOY MANANAS's upcoming album is called "Dangerous Calm".


LILIKKOY MANANAS's upcoming album is called "Dangerous Calm".
Lilikoy Mananas
Wednesday, 25. October 2017

The Lilikoy Mananas are a strange bird in the contemporary musical landscape when they find themselves moving between the claustrophobic feeling of the modern world and the constant search for existential tranquility.

With bitter sweetness, they combine in their sounds the simple and harmonious world of live instruments with the electronic tools of the studio and are not afraid to go wild in the synthetic world in which they exist.

Dangerous Calm is the theme song of the LILIKOY MANANAS debut album, and talking about the never-ending will to find some peace. Which leads you to the most northern snowy place, there where you meet you're most disturbing thoughts that you can ever imagine. In a claustrophobic world as ours, It make sense to look for some calmness, however all you find, is yourself, and not necessarily you're beautiful one. Our brain is manipulating our emotion, this is the Dangerous Calm. credits: Lyrics & Music by Yonatan Marcus Musical Production- Yonatan Marcus & Rotem Frimer Recorded at Muzik Studios, Tel Aviv All instruments played by Yonatan Marcus & Rotem Frimer with the help of the analog shaman Ziv Matushka Mixed by Yonatan Marcus Mastered at Joni's Room by Yehonatan Sasson Video Clip Directed & Produced by Gil Kormos & Yonatan Marcus, Asia-Team, LNB. Filmed, Edited & Color by Gil Kormos