Joe Cardamone (formerly of The Icarus Line)'s new solo album 'Quarentina' is out


Joe Cardamone (formerly of The Icarus Line)'s new solo album 'Quarentina' is out
Joe Cardamone
Saturday, 19. June 2021
Joe Cardamone (formerly of The Icarus Line) returns with his second solo offering: the soundtrack to his film series 'Quarentina'.

'Quarentina' was birthed from the necessity for distraction and expression. Life gets real hectic real fast and when you are getting dragged down into the sea you better learn to swim. Out of this chaos came some uncut gems, a batch of cool mini songs about love and pain. Tracks done in one or two passes just to grab the moment, not think, and keep flying. A force of nature, the album features 19 songs that were recorded in a matter of a few weeks after the dissolution of a relationship. A life chopped up into parts. Sounding so direct you feel like you are in the room with him. An exercise in immediacy and minimalism, the album is sparing with its instrumentation but not its intimacy. 'Quarentina' is the most stripped-down, raw and intimate Joe has ever sounded on a record. 


Quarentina: the film

The album comes accompanied by an episodic film series, documenting modern quarantine life in Los Angeles. A black and white modern noir that‫'s based on real-life events, as well as surreal life events. Written and filmed where some of the actual events took place, it tells the story of a couple being crushed under the weight of their own demons and the prospect of the end times. A relationship dissolving over the course of the quarantine. Love is hell. Bouncing from hyper-reality to horrifically surreal, 'Quarentina' is a meditation on the exact moment we are living in. An intimate, tender and harrowing document of our times - a program for right now. 


An American Primitive production, starring Joe Cardamone and Carré Callaway (of Queen Kwong) and filmed by Travis Keller (Buddyhead) and Jacob Mendel.