Indie-folk artist Marlia Project has released a new album 'Palisandros'.


Indie-folk artist Marlia Project has released a new album 'Palisandros'.
Marlia project
Tuesday, 3. December 2019
'Palisandros' (meaning 'Rosewood' in English) was self-recorded as Marlia travelled around the world, containing songs created to 'essentially bring peace to our soul'. The album explores a plethora of sounds, from an improvised handpan solo to classical Indian passages, a testament to her versatility. The first two tracks see Marlia sings in her native Cypriot tongue, something she has never done before in her own material. Throughout the project, she consistently provides soothing vocal performances with a spiritual message at the center, looking to inspire the listener.
As an ancient song collector, Marlia has been gathering songs and instruments from different traditions around the globe, from the indigenous Maori people in New Zealand to the shores of her home-island Cyprus, creating a continuum across the stories of Native people from India, Middle-East, Africa, North & South America and Australasia. Her high-vibrational live performances also include a repertoire of her own original songs in the Cypriot dialect, Greek and English. Accompanying herself with the handpan, a loop station and a frame drum, it is evident that her crystalline voice with the warm overtones can clear even the darkest clouds and shine light to the most hurt hearts.