Caverns by Meridion is out


Caverns by Meridion is out
Monday, 19. February 2024

The album, presented by Iron, Blood And Death, marks a significant evolution in the band's distinctive style, which blends dark, fast, and technical death metal with themes of ancient aboriginal culture, magic, occultism, and death.

Formed in 2017, Meridion quickly established themselves in the metal scene with their debut work "Rise from the South," released in 2022. This first album introduced listeners to their unique Austral Death Metal sound, rich in the mythology and history of southern Chile, and garnered numerous positive reviews.

"Caverns" represents a logical progression in Meridion's musical journey, offering a balance of atmospheric elements and fast-paced sections. The album's sound is described as a fusion of Morbid Angel and Portal, promising to captivate fans of the genre.

The band's lineup features SouthernCurse on vocals, guitars, synths, and horns; BoneFucker on bass; Shoort Dagon on drums; and Condanatore on keyboards.

"Caverns" is anticipated to resonate with fans of Nile, Immolation, Morbid Angel, Portal, and Cenotafio, offering a fresh yet authentic take on death metal.