Boréalys - L'héritage


Boréalys - L'héritage
Sunday, 24. September 2023

NEWS - Boréalys - L'héritage

Boréalys, a Canadian atmospheric black metal project, narrates the tales of their terroir through "L'héritage," an album that invokes the melancholic essence of their past with a hauntingly immersive soundscape.

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Canada
Abstrus: Vocals, guitars, bass, synthesizer, arrangement, and lyrics
Julius: Drums

Boréalys is a black metal project formed in northern Québec (in Abitibi). Around 2015, Abstrus (formerly of Brumes) gave birth to the initial guitar riffs, which would eventually shape the EP "Là où les eaux se séparent" (released under labels Winter Sky/Les Fleurs du Mal/Non Posse Mori, recorded at the "Black Amp Studio" and "Dans l'Antre") and their debut album "L'héritage" (released under Northern Silence Productions, also recorded at the "Black Amp Studio" and "Dans l'Antre"). In 2018, Julius (from Black Empire) joined the project as the drummer, followed by K. (from Wendess) for bass and mix/mastering. In 2020, K. left the band, and Abstrus took over bass duties for the album "L'héritage," solidifying Boréalys as a duo. Boréalys remains an exclusively French project.