Afterlife - a new track by Emmrose


Afterlife - a new track by Emmrose
Sunday, 20. June 2021

She declares:

"I'm a Hopeless Romantic: musician, fashion addict & recording artist."
And about the new song:
"Afterlife is a dark, synth-pop song that I wrote with artist and producer Richard Orofino. The concept of the song was inspired by a tv show we watched. Richard and I wanted to write a brooding romantic indie song, and it was fun tapping into a pretty dark place thematically, writing lyrics about an unhealthy supernatural relationship. As far as I’m aware, Richard and I are not vampires or witches, so the song was not really taken from our lives. Though the lyrics were mostly inspired by a toxic relationship, we were both really thinking about the context of the TV show and other supernatural romance examples. It was really fun working with Richard. We both came up with really cool ideas for "Afterlife", collaborating on the lyrics and melodies, but also with production. We wrote and produced most of the song in one day. We work fast. I’m really proud of "Afterlife", and I really hope you love it too!"
my wife said: great single!