Edenbridge – “The Great Momentum“ – cd – STEAMHAMMER/SPV – SPV #270692

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Edenbridge – “The Great Momentum“ – cd – STEAMHAMMER/SPV – SPV #270692
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Markus Hagner

Edenbridge from Austria have risen since their band-formation in 1998 creating a symphonic metal  of their own. They have never persuaded to be just copying or play in the same style as other bands of the genre, especially from Finland. Their mastermind and six-string maestro Lanvall a.k.a. Arne Stockhammer was devoted to the good-ole guitar gods, but by his love to the far-east he was integrating and inspired always by the cultural sounds of this region. By his charming vis-à-vis Sabine Edelsbacher, he was ever so lucky to have a congenial high-priestess of virtuoso chant, from opera- to heavier sound-style. Since their last studio-recording “The Bonding” in 2013 has gone by quite some time, but not without any composing inspirations. Finally in 2017 it is grand-oeuvre time for “The Great Momentum” as opus to enchant you!

Shiantara“as opener is sounding like the big-bang of a new planet. Futuristic, symphonic, orchestral sequences & choirs mélange with heavy guitar- and specially drum-extravagances. Johannes Jungreithmeier is really a new phenomenal band-lord of the sticks, cymbals and bass- Tympanums. What a rhythm-loud-blast by him. An opening metal-sinfonia  full of magic surprises!  “The Die Is Not Cast“ as consecutive tune is manifesting the astonishing nouveau Edenbridge heaviness. It is the song of Lanvall as axe-king from heavy shred- to flamenco-solos. The voice of Lady Edelsbacher is on top ever so diviersified by vein.  “Until The End Of Time” is again a seductive love semi-ballad the group is famous for full of sweet beauty and grace paired by classical orchestration. “The Visitor” is ever so stunning by the hooky symphonic-metal- passages melting by the orchestra-canto of Sabine. By ”Return To Grace” has been in affinity to exciting progressive metal. By “Only A Whiff Of Life“ Lanvall is the  legerdemainist on grand-piano and Spanish acoustical guitar. ”A Turnaround In Art” is a heavy symphony by excellence featuring dynamic bass & drums grooves, arduous metal-axe-solos and on top Sabine as suffrage-queen!” The Greatest Gift Of All“ concludes as universal metallic sympho-opera-anthem for peace, harmony and love. The ear-blowing highlight end of “The Great Momentum”!

The highlight sound-blast of production was created by Karl Groom (Threshold) in his ´Thin Ice Studio`, the mastering was effected by Mika Jussila (Stratovarius) at his “Finnvox Studios`

The second cd of the limited edition features all songs by brilliant instrumental versions. It enforces the magic off the song-composing-creativity and artistry by Lanvall and the musical forces by his companions.

A highlight opus-cd  that absolute has to be featured in the metal-collection of every headbanger, no in every music-treasury.

Edenbridge have created by “The Great Momentum” a new comet “i-musici” shining ever so brightly by its levitation through the orbit*****


Sabine Edelsbacher – vocals

Lanvall – guitars, keyboards and bass

Dominik Sebastian – guitar

Johannes Jungreithmeier – drums

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