Welling & Williams (USA)


Welling & Williams (USA)
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Welling & Williams is a double show package with Carrie Welling and Kasey Williams.
Both singer/songwriters but both very different. The perfect combination for a double show!
They toured Europe for the first time in 2019 and this setup was a great success.
No stranger to change or the journey that comes with it, Carrie Welling has been behind the wheel of her musical experience from a young age.
The newly minted indie country-pop songstress has carved a remarkable path of sound and story, with all roads leading to her recent rebirth as a solo artist in Nashville, TN.
Her bold, rich voice, reminiscent of Natalie Maines and Stevie Nicks, is upstaged only by the genuine love and confidence this natural performer exudes on stage.
Kasey Williams is a touring singer-songwriter based out of New York City and is known for her emotional and soul-felt performance.
She started only a few years ago as a songwriter but has spread her songs all over the world already.
People love her voice, her energy and humor which all comes back into her songs.
Together they will get you a night full of happiness, sadness, love and emotion!