Stef Paglia


Stef Paglia
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Stef Paglia

Stef Paglia is a talented young guitarist. He was born with the blues fever and knows how to tell that through his guitar. On stage he loves to go with the flow and feel the groove. But when the moment is there, he takes the chance to go crazy! You can expect a guitar sound that gets right into your bones. Stef is well known in the European bluesscene. He played at Blues Peer, Swing Wespelaar, Ribs&Blues and he is working hard to add a lot more to that list!

He has his own band ‘Stef Paglia Trio’, where he is the singer and guitarist. They released their debut album ‘Never Forget’ in march 2019. The album is produced by Wayne Proctor.

Another project is ‘Kaz Hawkins and her band of men’. (launching in France on 6th October 2019). Stef is the guitarist of the band, joined by Wayne Proctor on drums.

Stef is also one of the founding members of the BluesBones. The band won the Belgian Blues Challenge in 2016 and got 2nd at the European Blues Challenge.